Testimonial from a
Newman Ministry donor


Newman Ministry was very important to me during my college years at a secular university. The Newman house off-campus was a safe haven. I fondly remember spaghetti dinners, Bible study, and hanging out at the house with friends. I was also very involved in the volunteer service opportunities through Newman and Masses in the interfaith chapel. All of these activities provided for me a home during an important time in my spiritual and social growth.

Newman Ministry provides support for students, campus ministers and a lifeline for all who seek a relationship with God. In addition to my own experience, my eldest son also participated in Newman activities at his college campus. My youngest son will be attending college soon, and I pray for a Catholic presence for him in his life away from home. I donate to Newman Ministry because the salvation of souls is a most worthy effort. We must work to keep our young people centered on Christ when society aggressively promotes a life opposed to Christ and Christian values.

Here's what people are saying about our
High School Outreach program:

"Newman Connection has been a great help to our diocese in our ministry. Newman Connection is a great resource for Campus Ministry, and I hope to utilize more of what they have to offer in the upcoming year."

Kelly de la Rosa
Campus Minister, Lamar University, Diocese of Beaumont

Here's what people are saying about our First90 program:

"I've attended lots of different conferences, but it can be hard to figure out how to actually apply what you're learning... the 1:1 accompaniment in First90 is the secret sauce for me. You discuss the challenges and opportunities at your particular campus and move from principles to direct application. The program itself is super comprehensive, as a whole, but the coaching component takes it to the next level!”

Anna Schulten
Campus Minister, University of Southern Indiana

Here's what people are saying about our Newman Small Groups:

”I also want to thank Newman Ministry for all of the help with our ministry…especially the friendship and personal support I receive from my peers in the Newman Small Group!”

Christine Wissink as she received the 2023 CCMA Fr. Robert Beloin Award Recipient for Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation