a year
in review.

Message From Matt

“We're unifying as a Church to tackle problems related to transitions from high school to college...”

Dear Friends:

The fast-changing culture on college campuses has presented both disheartening and encouraging moments. However, we've seen a greater demand for our organization's mission, with more people willing to partner and resolve issues. We're unifying as a church to tackle problems related to transitions from high school to college and youth ministry to young adult ministry. I'm thrilled to witness the unity building within the church and our collective efforts towards missions.

Looking ahead, we're focusing more on the campus side and developing programs to support new campus ministers. The decreasing longevity of campus ministers' positions is a concern, so we're implementing a "walk with me" program to ensure their success. Our small group program, centered around campus ministers, has provided valuable insights into campus issues and helped us create better programs. With a solid plan and budget for 2023, I'm confident that we'll make a significant impact through Newman Ministry and our programs. Thank you all for your support and prayers!

United in Prayer,
Matt Zerrusen Founder, President and Chief of Innovative Discipleship