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“If it weren’t for the Newman Center at my university, I would be an atheist today.”

These were the passionate words shared by Catholic Middle School Teacher, Stephanie F., as she approached our Newman Ministry Booth at the NCEA Convention (National Catholic Education Association) in Dallas this past April of 2023. Stephanie shared that she grew up in the culturally turbulent 1970’s. “But thanks to the Newman Center on my campus, I had the support, guidance and love of a faith-based community to keep me close to God!” (That’s what a Newman Connection can bring to every high school senior across the country as they begin college!)


“The Newman Center completely changed my life!”

College without faith is very difficult...there are a lot of forces working against you. But a community of Catholic friends and mentors was life-changing for me!"

— Brandon H., St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center at the University of New Mexico


Christine Wissink, 2023 CCMA Fr. Robert Beloin Award Recipient for Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation, thanks Newman Ministry for support!

Wissink, the Director of Outreach & Education at the Newman Catholic Center at the University of Iowa, received the prestigious award at the 2023 CCMA Conference in Indianapolis. Upon accepting her award, Christine thanked many people in her personal and professional life…”I also want to thank Newman Ministry for all of the help with our ministry…especially the friendship and personal support I receive from my peers in the Newman Small Group!” (That’s what Newman Grow can bring to every campus minister across the country!)


“Newman Connection’s work is an essential component to our ministry.”

Maintaining the intentional hand-offs from one ministry to the next – whether it is from high school to college or college ministry to parish life – is, for many young Catholics, what will keep Christ’s love and faith in God at the center of their life. Newman Ministry is one step in the journey. Please help us to be that next step for these future collegiate Catholics!”

— JoAnn Shull | Former Assistant Director of Campus Ministry | St. Thomas More Newman Center


“Newman’s High School Connection Program (HSO) saves me hundreds of hours each year!”

We hear this expression of gratitude often. Before the advent of Newman’s HSO Program, Catholic school and parish leaders who wanted to ensure that their high school seniors continued their faith formation in college had to conduct research and outreach on behalf of each individual student/campus.

According to, (Colin L., University of Tampa) “I’ve just received your list of Catholic freshman students coming to our campus. I’ve been in college ministry for 7+ years and have never gotten anything close to being this resourceful or helpful…I am truly blown away!”

We are proud to have the endorsement of 100+ dioceses and to partner with hundreds of Catholic Schools and parishes across the country to keep students connected to their faith in college.


“You can’t evangelize young Catholics if you don’t know who or where they are!”

Long-time monthly donors, Beth and Steve H., recently shared why they give:

“Our son was a FOCUS Missionary who worked alongside campus ministers. He told us how important it was to receive the names and prepared student connection information for incoming freshmen each year. We support Newman Ministry’s HSO Program because connection is so important.”

We are disciples with the common goal of keeping young adults connected to faith. Our outreach program connects high school graduates with their campus Catholic community. We also provide leadership services and coaching for campus ministers at no cost. And our innovative technology keeps everyone connected 24/7.
We are fueled by faith and inspired to strengthen the Church, one student at a time.

Matt Zerrusen

Co-founder and Chief
Innovative Discipleship Officer

Bill Zerrusen

Co-founder and Chief
Blessings Officer