a year
in review.

Message From Matt

“If I had to summarize 2021 in a word, it would be INNOVATION

Hello, As the pandemic was going strong in January 2021, questions remained. What will the post-pandemic Church look like? So, we created focus groups with church and campus leaders asking those questions. What do you need and how can we help? Communication was the answer – and to get it back in the hands of the Church. And what better way than with an app! So… the Newman Connect app was born! The app allows you to create groups, invite people to groups, create events, invite people to events, and communicate 1-on-1. We're also developing a backend system where YOU can manage it. We also started a small groups program to support our campus ministers. They share what's happening in their ministry, lives and faith journey. Mental health is an ongoing issue on college campuses, especially since the pandemic. And we're grateful to offer this essential program to our campus ministers.

The Catholic Church has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. NOW is the time to double down on outreach. We're going to bring God back to college and the Church back to where it should be. 2021 has set the table for what we can do in 2022 and beyond – and our programs can change outreach in the church forever. We're only getting started! Thank you so much for supporting our mission.

United in Prayer,
Matt Zerrusen Founder, President and Chief of Innovative Discipleship