on the horizon.

Here's what's new in 2022!

Parent Partnerships
Their age might make them adults, but they still need mom and dad. Raising children is challenging, and it doesn't get easier when they go to college. They still need parental guidance to navigate their young adult lives.

So, we're partnering with parents of grads for the outreach sign-up process – establishing the groundwork for four years of faith. We're providing parishes with outreach materials to inform parents about campus ministry. Parents get emails and newsletters with a sign-up link. Posters, banners and bulletin ads include a QR code for easy enrollment – and all social media accounts post ads to spread the word.

We're confident this strategy will help guide students on their faith journey!

Student Connections via App
Find faith, friends and fellowship on the app! Young adults are consumed with their devices. It's their primary mode of communication and the way they connect with others. That's exactly why we created the Newman Connect app. It bridges the gap between college and faith.

Once students download the app, they can instantly make connections with other students at their university. They can chat with friends, groups and campus ministers. They can create groups as well as view and sign up for social events. The app also contains spiritual content to help students grow their faith in college. It's a win-win!

Campus Ministry Support via App
Campus life and the Catholic community unite on the app! The Newman Connect app isn't just for students. It also helps campus ministers meet students where they are, which is via their phones!

CM's use the app to set up retreats, talks, liturgies, fun events, and student leadership. They're also able to run ministry groups and chat with students. The content helps spark discussion during events and can also be a daily read.

The Newman Connect app has received rave reviews from campus ministers. Standout features include the user experience and linking the ministry and community.

Inspirational Content via App and Social Media
Their written and spoken words inspire people all around the world. Raul Espericueta is a Newman coach who shares valuable content resources with a network of over 1,000 campus ministries. He is also one of our most trusted digital content developers. He is passionate that a credible voice in this space is key to the success of the mission to keep students connected to the Catholic faith in college.

Social media sensation, Diana Lopez, is a bright light of positivity for all who view her stories and reels on Instagram. She provides thought-provoking content to thousands of followers. As a small groups leader and coach, Diana also develops digital content for blogs and Facebook. We're blessed to have Raul and Diana's resources and talents in the Newman family!

Rosary Care Package
Sometimes college students need a little motivation to go to Church while away from home. That's why we started the Rosary Care Package campaign.

This program began last October – the month of the Holy Rosary. It was so popular that we decided to promote it all year!

For only $25, students receive a Rosary and an invitation to join their Catholic campus ministry. Through the ministry, they'll meet friends who share their faith and participate in ministry activities and fun events.

Sometimes an invitation is all it takes!

Expansion of our IT Team
In 2022, we're strengthening our IT team to build, deploy and support the technology campus ministers need to build disciples in Christ. Accordingly, we're hiring web developers to modernize our website and user portals. We're also moving our mobile development in-house to prioritize new feature creation for our users.